Re: strange Vista behavior that just started---screen blackouts withno relation to UAC

Howard Haber;856444 Wrote:
Thanks for your response. Sadly, it seems that I was unable to
establish any relation between the Logitech and the problem. I removed
the drivers from the startup as you suggested, and I unplugged the
Logitech device that broadcasts to the keyboard and mouse. I plugged
an ordinary USB (wired) mouse, and rebooted.
The problem still remains, although sometimes it takes a few
minutes to trigger it. To recap, I click on the start menu and hover
with the mouse over the various menu items. Eventually that triggers
the screen blackout, which lasts roughly 5 seconds. This is driving me
nuts. Particularly, when I want to scroll down the list of programs to
find something.
Am I doomed to wiping the disk clean and starting over again
with vista? I do not have the time nor the patience to remove
individual software programs (or drivers) one by one to try to find the


P.S. My video card is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (with the latest vista
driver), and my monitor is (which is a Sun 24.1" LCD Monitor v4)
uses a generic PnP Monitor driver for vista. I installed the monitor
five months ago, so it has been working fine long before this problem

Mike wrote:> > >
Is your logitech software loading at startup? Run msconfig from the
start menu. Click the Startup tab and look for logitech programs.
Uncheck the logitech modules. Click on OK. Then reboot. Your
programs and drivers should not be running now. See if that isolates
the problem to logitech. If so see:
, and google for more with "logitech", "wireless", "problem", "hang",
etc. You'll probably find an answer. Also go to the logitech site
make sure you have the latest software and drivers for your devices.

"Howard Haber" <haber@xxxxxx> wrote in message
news:%aGGk.2597$as4.1584@xxxxxx> > > > >
I have noticed a particularly strange behavior on my windows vista
system (a Dell Optiplex GX270), that just started recently. Here
is. When I call up the start menu (not the classic style), and my
mouse hovers in that region of the screen for about 10 seconds or so
(whether I am looking through program lists or whatever), the whole
screen will suddenly go dark for about five seconds (for no apparent
reason) and then return to the previous state.

This is of course quite frustrating when I am going through the
program list looking for a particular item. This blackout can occur
few times before I finally reach my target in the start menu. This
seems to have nothing to do with UAC (which is turned on). This odd
behavior started after I replaced my Dell wired keyboard and mouse
with a wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech).

In case the latter has something to do with this, I plugged in a
USB mouse and removed the wireless mouse from the room. However,
same problem remained. (Windows update recently upgraded to Vista
SP1, but this was a few weeks ago, so there does not seem to be any

I can find no help on the web, and I don't even know where to begin
troubleshoot this problem.

If anyone out there has any suggestions (short of wiping my disk
and starting all over again), I would be most grateful.


Howard> > > > > > >

Hello Howard,

Before you get to the point of considering a clean reinstall , you may
like to try this

Hope it helps