Re: I really reallly need help. System restore

jordzzz;856472 Wrote:
i have an oldish laptop, it works fine. but quite along time ago now, i
systemed restore it to make it faster like it has done in the past by
rid of unwanted stuff. and i turned my laptop off half the way through
now when it loads it will load up until the windows xp and my log in
it comes up with a pop up box with the title of
bcmwltry.exe - unable to locate component

this application has failed to start because WINNET.dll wa not found.
installing the application may fix this problem.
i dont know what to do i cant get on anyting. helppp


This is not an XP forum , but I did find this link - suggest you first
try the sfc command , with any luck that will do the job

'Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files.'

Hope that helps



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