Re: MANY errors!!! host process and superfetch!

barman58;856174 Wrote:
Hi sandcracker,

What that article is saying is that you need to replace any dll files
that are shown in the file. and giving you the instructions to be
followed in the Administrator CMD prompt that you've used before, that
will enable these files, which are normally protected, to be replaced.

as you have to source these files to replace the corrupt ones the
easiest method would be a working copy of vista of the same type (Home,
Ultimate with or without SP1 etc) if you have access to another machine.

If you cannot do this this link may help you find the files you need.

' - Download all your missing dll-files.'

Unfortunately, if you have a lot of files this will be a rather
involved process, and with a lot of files it may be easier to perform a
repair install. :(

'Repair Install For Vista '

Hope this explains things

i am not 100% comfertable deleting and reinstalling system files,
should I do the repair install you have listed? it seems pretty
straightforward. Will this remove any of my games/saves? Or much more
importantly my music collection?