Re: Blue Screen of Death

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While I thought MS was supposed to be done with the BSD, I have found it on
my two day old HP Pavilion m9357c running MS Windows Vista Home Premium
64bit. I get it about 7 times a day. I have the updates for Vista on and
updated to its full potential...yet it still appears. I also cannot get my
Smartphone to be recognized for Sync while running though all the device
drivers are in order and have no conflicts. I am looking for help here since
MS does not support there product unless I pay them another 59 dollars even
though I just purchased this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did the blue screens come before you try messing with your Smartphone?

Something that may help you with Smartphone sync..

Please not that support for your machine is done through HP, not Microsoft. You should not call or contact Microsoft at all, and therefore will not be liable for any charge.

If you can't resolve your problems, take the machine back to where you purchased it and ask a technician to sort it out for you..

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