Re: Mail Folders

Have you checked the VIEW menu, "Current View" to see that "Show all Messages" is checked?

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Thanks for the response, but this is not the problem. I know all the folders
are there, because if a related Email comes in, windows mail displays all the
mail in that box, but the folders are not displayed as they were a couple of
days agao.

"Richard in AZ" wrote:

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I used to have several folders in my mail box. Each one was specific with a
message rule that send the related mail to that folder. Now all I have is an
'in-box'. So how do I get windows mail to display all the rest of the

Have you checked the deleted Items folder for these special folders?
Windows Mail will not let you delete the 6 main mail folders, but it will let you delete folders that you have made.
I often see users that think they are deleting a message in one of their folders, when in fact, the folder (not the message) itself is highlighted and is being deleted. Of course they did not read the delete message that told them they were deleting the folder.
READ seems to be treated as a "4 letter word" to a lot of people.