Re: Constatn disk access

Don wrote:
I am running Vista Home Premium, 64 bit version. My computer has been very
slow for about 5-6 minutes after startup with constant disk access. I have
used the Reliability and Performance option under Administrative tools and
find that after about 2-3 minutes after startup, the only thing appearing in disk access are
numerous SVC|HOST calls with the (Local System Network Restricted) very
active. I am at a loss to debug any further. It is beyond my meager
capabilities. Can someone give me a clue as to what may be going on.

Don d

I think there are a bunch of people seeing this (I am) and it annoys me!

If you loo0k in the EVENT VIEWER and under WINDOWS LOGS and then the SECURITY Tab. At start-up I get a bunch of AUDIT SUCCESS entries that go on for about the time the HD is thrashing. Specifically, this morning there are 41 events! Most happen within 1-2 seconds, but they lasted a total of 4.11 minutes with event numbers repeating themselves.

A couple refer to


So, anyone able to help here?? Not sure if the OP sees the same Audit logs that I do, going on for a number of minutes?