Mail Folders

I used to have several folders in my mail box. Each one was specific with a
message rule that send the related mail to that folder. Now all I have is an
'in-box'. So how do I get windows mail to display all the rest of the

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    ... all the Message Rule are x-ed out with RED Xs. ... but not lately...because they were copying my HD folders backward, ... power supply/surge protector. ... and we continue to seek out the sea to dip them, ...
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    ... There are many options to remove newsgroup messages. ... You can create a message rule such as this: ... while working offline, and in Outlook Express at the top of the Folder ... File>Folder>Compact all folders. ...
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    ... Have you checked other folders? ... If you send mail to Deleted Items using Blocked Senders, or a message rule it will count as a new message, as well if you divert mail to any folder using rules. ...
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    ... Have you checked other folders? ... Blocked Senders, or a Message Rule that diverts mail to another folder will result in the circumstance you describe. ...
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    ... How many messages do you have in your Inbox? ... in the default folders like Inbox, ... I thought maybe there was a message rule that was causing it, ... > settings and the option settings, but everything looked normal, like on my ...