Re: Disable Animations - might be Google Chrome related

i do not know the registry setting that controls it, although i am sure it is a registry setting.

i would use Process Monitor to try to watch for the registry setting that is set when you toggle the option. Then use Process Monitor to watch for just that one key, and see who toggles it behind your back.

Then you can assign blame. At the very least you could use regedit to deny yourself write permissions on the registry key.

"Sebi Trandafir" <hdrewc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:754A1FF9-9746-41DB-B1D4-D2C843DF92B5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
my laptop isn't a top notch vista aero capable [scores 3.0 due to the video adapter], therefore i usually disable the "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" option in the advanced featurse/performance menu.
Although i do that, the option keeps on being reactivated. I tried to find a reason for this, but i am unable to relate this to any new programs using such features and stuff... except for google's chrome browser i am using [it's just a thought... i am not sure about it thou]
is there anything i could do to stop vista reactivate the option i am disabling? [any registry entry i should be looking for, or any other option that i do not know about?]
thanks in advance

ps: i am using Windows Vista Home Premium 32b SP1 on a HP Pavilion tx1320us laptop [amd turion x2 tl 60, 2 GB RAM, geforce go 6150]