Disable Animations - might be Google Chrome related

my laptop isn't a top notch vista aero capable [scores 3.0 due to the video adapter], therefore i usually disable the "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" option in the advanced featurse/performance menu.
Although i do that, the option keeps on being reactivated. I tried to find a reason for this, but i am unable to relate this to any new programs using such features and stuff... except for google's chrome browser i am using [it's just a thought... i am not sure about it thou]
is there anything i could do to stop vista reactivate the option i am disabling? [any registry entry i should be looking for, or any other option that i do not know about?]
thanks in advance

ps: i am using Windows Vista Home Premium 32b SP1 on a HP Pavilion tx1320us laptop [amd turion x2 tl 60, 2 GB RAM, geforce go 6150]