Re: "You are running out of disk space on RECOVERY (D:)" message.

Stacy B.

"Mike Hall - MVP" wrote:

"Stacy B." <StacyB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have been recieving "low disc space, recovery D" notices for some time
and don't seem to be finding a fix I feel applies or that I want to risk
trying. Is this a windows Vista Premium issue or a manufacturers (Dell 530
inspiron) thing? Single hard drive with partician for D.

I believe my Windows "backup" was preset to backup to "Recovery drive D"
(why is that even an option?) for some reason and I was unwittingly using
as such. Now I have the disk full + message fequently.

Is there a way to accurately and safely identify and remove my
inappropriately "backed up" files from that disk (D)? I do have the DVD's
the original OS, drivers,ect.

Also; would/should new "Windows updates" automatically be stored onto the
"Recovery d." I have been reluctant to download them since stoage there is
maxxed out.

Any other options for feedback/research, or links gladly accepted.

Thanks, Stacy B.

"Robert Judge" wrote:

On my new VISTA PC, I tried to use the built-in Backup program. The
apparently failed because there was not enough room on the "RECOVERY (D:)

Now, when I re-start my new VISTA PC, I get this message:
"Low Disk Space
You are runing out of disk space on RECOVERY (D:). To free space on this
drive by delteing old or unnecessary files, click here..."

When I "Click here," I am then offered "Disk Cleanup for RECOVERY (D:)."
The Disk Cleanup offers "Office Setup Files" and "Recylce Bin," but both
"0 bytes" so I can't free up space that way.

When I open the Backup and Restore center and try to backup files, the
program starts by "Creating a shadow copy." However, I then get a
"An error occurred...There is not enough space to save the backup files.
Free up disk space or change yur backup settings. (0x81000005)."

If I have limited space on "RECOVERY D," I only need to backup Documents.
But even when I only check "Documents," I get the same error message.

I am thinking that I should delete the contents of RECOERY D and try to
start over again. However, there appears to be some files that came
installed on RECOVERY D. However, I see a folder called "Backup Set
2008-06-08 193208," which I assume is the failed backup that I tried on
6. Should I just delete that folder and try again? Or is there some
way I should try to use the "Backup and Restore" program? I will

The recovery partition is sized by the manufacturer to hold only the
recovery stuff and enough space such that no 'lack of space' warning is
produced by the system..

Windows Backup is not set by default to save to the recovery partition. What
it does is look for any drive or partition which isn't the system drive,
because backups should NEVER be saved to the same drive where the operating
system is.

In your case, the only other drive or partition just happened to be the
recovery partition.

To clear what you have backed up to the partition, you need to know the name
file(s). If you are not sure, go through the process of backing something up
and see what name is given. Cancel the backup, and then look on the recovery
partition for something very similar. Then delete whatever you find.

If you want to backup, either use the CD/DVD burning software, or purchase a
one touch backup solution (external hard drive and software package).

Mike Hall - MVP
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Thanks, Mike and Ken both,
I understand what you say about not backing up anything to the recovery D.
And I also get the idea that Recovery is maybe nothing to even tinker with so
I haven't yet.
I am not very experienced with the administrative options with my OS but can
take directions: In laymans terms how would you recommend that I ID my prior
backup files that need to be removed from "D" and step by step accomplish
such a feat; "ultimate removal of wrong files @ RECOVERY". Can I ID my prior
backup file names from the DVD's that I have used for recent backup?

Links available? Sincere thanks for your assistance...Stacy B.