RE: "You are running out of disk space on RECOVERY (D:)" message.

I have been recieving "low disc space, recovery D" notices for some time now
and don't seem to be finding a fix I feel applies or that I want to risk
trying. Is this a windows Vista Premium issue or a manufacturers (Dell 530
inspiron) thing? Single hard drive with partician for D.

I believe my Windows "backup" was preset to backup to "Recovery drive D"
(why is that even an option?) for some reason and I was unwittingly using it
as such. Now I have the disk full + message fequently.

Is there a way to accurately and safely identify and remove my
inappropriately "backed up" files from that disk (D)? I do have the DVD's for
the original OS, drivers,ect.

Also; would/should new "Windows updates" automatically be stored onto the
"Recovery d." I have been reluctant to download them since stoage there is
maxxed out.

Any other options for feedback/research, or links gladly accepted.

Thanks, Stacy B.

"Robert Judge" wrote:

On my new VISTA PC, I tried to use the built-in Backup program. The back-up
apparently failed because there was not enough room on the "RECOVERY (D:)

Now, when I re-start my new VISTA PC, I get this message:
"Low Disk Space
You are runing out of disk space on RECOVERY (D:). To free space on this
drive by delteing old or unnecessary files, click here..."

When I "Click here," I am then offered "Disk Cleanup for RECOVERY (D:)."
The Disk Cleanup offers "Office Setup Files" and "Recylce Bin," but both have
"0 bytes" so I can't free up space that way.

When I open the Backup and Restore center and try to backup files, the
program starts by "Creating a shadow copy." However, I then get a message:
"An error occurred...There is not enough space to save the backup files.
Free up disk space or change yur backup settings. (0x81000005)."

If I have limited space on "RECOVERY D," I only need to backup Documents.
But even when I only check "Documents," I get the same error message.

I am thinking that I should delete the contents of RECOERY D and try to
start over again. However, there appears to be some files that came already
installed on RECOVERY D. However, I see a folder called "Backup Set
2008-06-08 193208," which I assume is the failed backup that I tried on June
6. Should I just delete that folder and try again? Or is there some other
way I should try to use the "Backup and Restore" program? I will appreciate