RE: Quick Launch Will Not Enable in Home 64bit

I have found that sometimes the easiest way to fix something like that is to
do a system restore to a point beore it happened. Good luck.

"zaphox" wrote:


My Quick Launch bar was working perfectly, then I accidentally dragged
something onto it and the whole thing disappeared and won't come back.

I tick the "Show Quick Launch" button and click ok, then if I try and
drag anything onto where it should be I get the red warning symbol
(circle with line through it) next to the icon. If I go back to the
Taskbar properties, the "Show Quick Launch" button is unticked again! It
unticks itself every time I click ok.

I can confirm the C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet
Explorer\Quick Launch dir exists (and even has shortcuts in it!)

Any ideas?