Re: "Logon Process has failed to create the security options dialog." Error Message

::I had the same problem with a Dell Studio 1535 with Vista Premium Home

Here is my story:
Symptoms: Regardless of users actions; (1) opening or using an
application or (2) if the system sits idle, after approximately 1 to 4
minutes the system will become
Unresponsive and any windows that were currently opened will have ?Not
Responding? across the menu bar. The mouse pointer icon will get the
whirling load icon, although the mouse ?may? (not always the case),
continue to move, any attempt to open Task Manager to shutdown processes
or log off end in failure due to non-responsiveness. At this point the
mouse will generally stop functioning as well.

From this point, one of two things may happen:

(1) The machine will freeze in its current state or (2) The screen will
go black and display the following message:
Error Box titled: Login process has failed to create the security
options dialog - with a dialog message of: Failure - Security Options

In either case, any normal standard attempt to shut down the machine
gracefully is not possible and a hard shut down is required to get the
machine to respond to user input.

Due to the non-graceful shut down, check disk will usually run
(although not all the time) and repair or fix any issues caused by the
shut down.

At this point, attempting to logon again only repeats the above
scenario above 100% of the time.

Because of the short amount of time that the system is accessible for
user input, attempts to diagnose the problem using the windows vista
tools have met with limited and frustrating results.

A Pre-boot System Assessment test shows an error:
TEST ? Hard Drive ? DST Short Test
Test Results: Fail
Error Code 2000-0142

Error Window displays the following:
Msg: Error Code 2000-0142
Msg: Hard Drive 1 Self Test Unsuccessful. Status: 79

The HDD is a Western Digital (WDC WD3200BEVT-73ZCT1).

Since the machine was only 6 weeks old, I contacted Dell. After
spending an hour and a half in chat working on the problem and at the
point where they had me attempt to restore to the Factory install, it
bombed out. The Dell rep said I had a bad HDD, I tried to resist it but
I had to type \"You Think?\" in the chat window..
My research has indicated that this problem may be related to bad Hard
Drives. At least it seems that mine was. In any case they are shipping
me a new hard drive and hopefully that will resolve the issue. I'll
post back after the new HDD is installed and running for a bit.

Hope this helps if you?re having the same issue.::

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