Re: MSVBVM50.dll Problem

This solve the problem for me thank you.
I extracted it to desktop, copied it to the download folder and install the
program that was there.
Thanks a lot!

"dean-dean" wrote:

Try downloading MSVBVM50.CAB to your desktop, double-click on MSVBVM50.CAB,
then drag msvbvm50.dll out of the MSVBVM50.CAB "folder" to your desktop.
Right-click on msvbvm50.dll, choose Cut, and Paste it into the same folder
as the .exe file (program) that needs it.

"Naturewoman" <Naturewoman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am having the same problem. I downloaded the MSVBVM50.dll file but can't
seem to extract it. I don't have a C:\Program
Files\ MyProgram, so tried to extract it into Vista's
but a window showed saying "access denied". Any help will be apreciated!

"dean-dean" wrote:

If you have access to a computer running Windows XP, you can Copy the
msvbvm50.dll from C:\WINDOWS\system32\, and Paste it into the same folder
the program's .exe file that requires it, for example, put it in
Files\ MyProgram, if the MyProgram folder contains MyProgram.exe. It
shouldn't have to be put in Vista's C:\WINDOWS\system32\...

If you don't have access to an XP computer, go to , and download . You can then
extract the file from, and place in the folder as noted

"KillerK" <KillerK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi there,
I have just installed a program and everytime I try to run it, I get an
error saying that MSVBVM50.dll is required. I do not know what that is.
there anyway I can get the program to run? I have already tried
mode but that does not seem to help.