Re: Full PC Backup Problems

Complete PC creates a .vhd disk image file of an entire volume (drive) -
including partitioning.

However your situation is interesting - original disk layout (that which was
backed up) was dynamic - you stored the backup on an external drive - a
removeable external drive cannot be a dynamic disk, however I do not have
any knowledge as to whether or not a virtual drive existing on an external
drive can be dynamic.

I have utilized Complete PC Backup and Restore via external USB and internal
drives but in not a situation such as yours.

One of the third party utilites such as Acronis, Ghost or Partition Magic
may provide non-destructive conversion of a dynamic disk to basic.

Sorry I can't provide any assistance other than the information above. If
you solve the problem please post.

"Doopus" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


If I understand your response, you're saying that the backup
restoration would need to be the original configuration. I didn't
change the actual drive letters, just the size of the partitions. This
is necessary to give me more free space on the C: drive, which was the
original problem. Are you saying that change the sizes of the
partitions will not work?