Re: Vista screen is not showing anything!

destinyleader25;851268 Wrote:
Okay, the last update that I have downloaded was :

Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition
1.43.702.0)Installation date: ‎9/‎24/‎2008 11:51 AM

Installation status: Successful

Update type: Important

Install this update to revise the definition files used to detect
spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Once you have
this item, it cannot be removed.

More information:
'Windows Defender: Home Page'

Help and Support:

---> I don't know if it's just the update but ever since my screen has
been acting weird! Like you know after sometime when u take a break
your computer if you online or typing a paper and walk away, your
goes off when it is not in use. and when you come back to it and click
the mouse or push a button it comes back on.

Now when I leave for a couple of minutes and come back to my computer
and click or touch a button the screen comes back on but it's pitch
black. I can't see anything so I always have to shut it down in order
get back on the computer to see anything. Do you have any idea what is
causing it? It just suddenly started happening?

Concerned and frustrated!

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you may like to try a system restore to a point before you had the

Hope it helps