Re: Full PC Backup Problems

Unless you plan to use RAID configurations, basic disks asre recommended -
technically dynamic disks are partitioned into volumes.

"> I made the decision to do a Vista Full PC Backup (drives C, D, E, F) to >
an external USB HD (G:) which completed successfully. I then >
reformatted/partitioned Disk 0 as follows: C:= 40, D:= 40, F:=40."

Note that backup restoration would be the original configuration.

"> When I try to run the Full PC Restore, it does not find an existing OS >
(since I reformatted C)."

Restoration must be from the option presented booting from the Vista DVD.

"> I am using my Vista install CD. It does find my backup on the external
HD...but it sees it as Drive E. > I think this is the problem because it
see the location of the backup
as E:, but the list of Disks to Restore includes E: (which should be >
Disk 1 in my system)."

Should not be a problem - drive designation is set and used by WIN PE which
runs the restore process

"When I try to run the restore, I get a wonky
error (can't remember the exact verbage :o) about %1 or %2 not found."

Important info - %1, %2 are place settings referencing files by default

"> My only other alternative is to reinstall Vista from scratch. If >
that's the case, is there someway for me to restore specific
files/folders from my Full PC Backup image on the external HD?"

Installing Vista and restoring may work - however keep in mind it will be
the original configuration.

The backup format is VHD - virtual hard drive. You can use vdmount -
utility available from the Win 2003 resource kit on line to "mount" the
backup and access via Windows Explorer...