Vista Home Premium damaged by Office 97

I bought a new computer this morning. It came with Vista Home Premium pre-installed, and no discs. The guy at PC World said I'd be able to generate Recovery Discs from the PC.

By mistake, I installed Windows 97. This seems to have caused some serious problems, even though I have now uninstalled it.

1. Clicking on the Mail and Fax icon in the Control Panel brings a message that says I have insufficient memory, and need to close some windows, even though I have hardly any open.
2. The Outlook icon has disappeared.
3. I cannot back up my data. The process gives the message: Backup failure, Catastrophic Failure 0x8000FFFF.

None of the restore points is earlier than the Office 97 installation. So how can I repair this mess without having to buy a new copy of Vista, and one on CDs?

Thanks for any suggestions.