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On Wed, 1 Oct 2008 07:03:54 -0500, kizzysmum <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

of non response .. :huh:
I will explain :-) Last night I had my music as one does :-)..and a
slideshow (windows media gallery) running .. when i came to close down
.found the controls tab wouldnt appear so as i could close down the
slide show .. no matter what I did .. i couldnt access them at all
after an hour found i had to just pull the plug out .. which is bad news
for any system eh .
What I would like to know is in the event of that happening again is
there a keyboard command (the escape key wouldnt respond either) ..that
will close down said slideshow .. because of that i couldnt access
anything else .. in plain english please .. am a computer nerd :(
Very frustrated

Did you try Ctrl-Alt-Delete? That will bring up a screen where you
can choose to start the Task Manager which you can then use to
shutdown the program.

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