Re: More svchost.exe trouble. UAC specific.

Regarding :
"> OK, so process explorer shows me which instances of svchost.exe are
giving me > trouble. Generally, it is two/three of them....,"

Svchost itself does not cause problems - it is a "host" for services
required by an application and one instamce of svchost may include several.

Process Explorer will indicate instances of svchost running and applicable
CPU usage - however you need to determine which service being hosted is at
fault - Process Explorer has that capability.

"Dobbo" <Dobbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
OK, so process explorer shows me which instances of svchost.exe are giving
trouble. Generally, it is two/three of them. I don't have any problems
until I connect to the internet, but then CPU hits 100% shared between
two/three. I am then unable to connect. Afterwards, CPU drops down to
normal levels but I am not connected. I tried suspending the offending
svchost.exe (s) but that does not help. Killing them sounds severe.
understanding which .dll file does what etc, I am not happy about
these individually.

I have set up a new user which runs fine. The two original users (one
admin), I have trouble.

I am up to date on antivirus etc. I have ran Malware checks and even
scoured process explorer for possible Malware. All to no avail.

All other post regarding svchost.exe are interesting but don't seem to


PS. Vista 32


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