"Open with..." command problems

Hi everybody!

I have problems with "Open with..." in the windows explorer, I had a
previous version of a Structural Analisys software and for ease I made that
the type of files that the software generate were apened by double click in
the explorer by "open with" command. Now I updated the software, but it was
installed in an other folder and the older versión was unistalled, next I
tried to apply "open with" again but windows assign adobe acrobat...??, I
thought my mistake, an tried again but in the windows explorer allway
appears the same thing, the icon for the file never chage, it appear like
acrobat reader file type. The file extension is FILE.SDB

Does exist some trick to remedy this issue, and to force the explorer to
open the rigth application for this file type?

I appreciate some help.

Thank you very much

Carlos V.