Re: Sp1

Hello Everyone,
I know you must have seen this a thousand times. I have this laptop for
over 2 years now. Today I was offered , for the 1st time, to install SP1
from Windows Updates. Here is my dilemma :
1.) What took so long ? I had not installed or upgraded my computer
since day 1.
2.) After reading all the " horror " stories sent to this forum, I am
uncertain if I should install it . I am quite content with what I have
right now.
Opinions please. Thank you.

Based on my experience I would recommend installing SP1. Even if the install fails - which was the case on my computer the first time - there is a very high probability that it will "roll back" cleanly. If you decide to install I suggest you prepare the system by running Disk Cleanup and Disk Defrag first. Back up all critical data, just in case! Then right before the install close all open applications including the ones in the "tray" (with the exception of your antivirus).


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