Re: Kill process

Ristar wrote:
hmm... i didnt know about that..

anyway, im using Firefox 3.0.3.. im one of those that likes to keep stuff updated.

using Task Manager, firefox.exe is listed under Processes.

im running pretty "cleanly", i think, considering that this laptop isnt the brightest bulb in the block...

my current processes are (using Process Explorer): under wininit.exe, a few svchost.exe, drivers for audio, VMware stuff, mdm.exe, antivirus, zone alarm stuff, and the usual stuff...

for those under explorer.exe... other than the usual stuff like Windows Defender, Audio ctrl panel, antivirus, synaptics touchpad, VM Hqtray i have:


Sorry, I see I had a typo in the latest Firefox version, it is 3.0.3.

Teatimer is part of Spybot Search and destroy. I am not saying it is the cause, but I would try uninstalling that part or running with that part killed and see if Firefox still hangs. With other AV stuff on board, it is probably a good idea to just run Spybot as a stand alone, say once a week and then close it down, rather than it scanning all the time.

I would really recommend you download Autoruns, it is free and will show you EVERYTHING that is starting and running.