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I do not know where else to ask this question. I have Goggled it every
way I could think of.
I have a laptop with Vista Home premium. I am in a hospital. I do not
have a printer.
Occasionally I would like to Print to Text a program output so I could
Email it to a friend to print for me.
Is there anyway I can do that.

This is usually part of your printer software. With my HP printer I
simply click File>print, and when the print dialog comes up there is a
check box for "Print to file". I use it occasionally. I think it is just
a modified copy command.

The problem with creating a .prn file is that I believe the recipient must
have the same printer to open it. I could be wrong about that, but that's
why I suggested the OP create a .pdf instead.


Probably a good idea, but again I think it may be different depending on printer software. With my HP, the "Print to File" simply makes an exact copy of what I want to print including the format. If I have a document already saved to my computer and I command "Print to file", it makes an exact duplicate, same format extension, and same location on the computer. I end up with the same results as if I had simply copied and pasted to a new file.

Re-reading the OP, why not save as, and email as an attachment?

Dave T.

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