Re: Windows Photo gallery

pooch;847504 Wrote:
Hi yorkshire lass

I think that I did not make myself very clear I meant that the Camera
should show up in computer along with the other drives.
As for automatic imports you can stop this by going to Control Panel -
cd's and other media playback, look for an entry under media for your
camera and change the entry so that it does not automatically import
photos, but gives you a dialogue asking you what you want to do. ie,
open folder

I hope this makes sense as I am translating from my German vista, if
not let me know and I will change my language and try again:p

Ps the camera has to be connected while changing the autostart

Please don't apologise, it's me wot got it wrong!! I'll try that next
time , I've deleted the pictures from my camera so I'll have to take
some more. Many thanks for going to all this trouble, it's very much
appreciated. :D

yorkshire lass

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