Re: Windows Photo gallery

yorkshire lass;847433 Wrote:
file:///C:/Users/dawn/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-2.jpg]I have
imported photos from my camera to Windows Photo gallery and then copied
and pasted them into my photo albums folder. When I try to set a photo
as Desktop background , I cannot do it and get the following error
message :-
The FileC:\Users\dawn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Windows photo
Gallery\WindowsPhoto Gallery wallpaper.jpg could not be written . Please
check permissions on this file and try again.
I tried to copy and past this message using the Vista snip tool but
that didn't work either!

Hello Dawn

I found I was able to copy jpegs directly into the wallpaper folder
using my screen capture app.

I use Faststone capture 3.5. The Run this program as admin box needs to
be checked ( right click the .exe - under compatibility tab tick the box
and Apply , OK ) - when I run the program, I also right click and run as
admin. for good measure.


Hope this helps


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