Re: BSOD 101 Minidump

Based on what little I could find on that error, it looks like it may be
a problem with your processor. Essentially, the core has become either
nonresponsive or deadlocked, so the clock synchronization between the
cores is off. While in this case the error information points to
explorer.exe, I did find several examples that shared one critical
driver in the bugcheck record: sptd.sys, which is used by Daemon Tools:

WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may
be wrong.
8039dc08 806a226a 0000001f 806a184e 8039dc2c *sptd*+0x14b3e
8039dc38 8069c5e3 01000001 8f7dc238 8fe764a8 *sptd*+0x1526a
8039dc50 8069df6d 00000103 8f71e310 8691c190 *sptd*+0xf5e3
8039dc7c 806a08c4 8f7dc138 8039dcd4 8069d8ec *sptd*+0x10f6d
8039dcec 8270c053 8feb3030 8f7dc138 8f7dc138 *sptd*+0x138c4

I would recommend uninstalling Daemon Tools at least temporarily and
seeing if the problem persists.

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