Re: Wise Registry Cleaner vs AusLogics Registry Defrag vs CCLeaner?

On Thu, 25 Sep 2008 16:32:32 -0500, Paul Montgomery
<i.m.nonnymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That was a simple, quick, test, nothing scientific. But why did Wise
registry cleaner flag so many registry problems compared to CCleaner? The
chances are that Wise registry cleaner hit so many 'false positives' that
removing them 'may' have caused more problems or me than leaving them.

A more plausible answer: CCleaner is not set to make very aggressive
checks, or it makes less complete checks than WRC does.

I just ran my own test.

I let CCleaner run its check - took maybe 30 seconds. I let it delete
what it found (about 300 items).

Then I ran WRC using the default setup - it took 8 minutes and found
an additional 495 items with 97 being "unsafe" to fix.

I ran it again and had it run ALL checks - it took 11 minutes and
found 838 items with 156 being "unsafe".

It definitely checks more items than CCleaner.

I don't plan on letting it fix a damned thing ;-)