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"Dave Routh" <dajan2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3C3DE373-0928-465A-934F-F95F994DC385@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have just opened the Event Viewer and went into Diagnostic-Performance then Operational.
It shows 56 problems in start up and shutdown over the last 3 days, (since format & reinstall).
44 warnings
9 errors
3 criticals
Is this aproblem and if so what can I do, I then went into Generate Healh Report and it says there is no problems with this PC.
I have Vista Ultimate

Hi Dave,

Those entries have been in the Event log on every install of Vista I have seen. If the machine is working fine, just ignore them.

Jane, not plain ;) 64 bit enabled :-)
Batteries not included. Braincell on vacation ;-)
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