Re: problem with Incredimail

Hi Yorkshire lass,

I have been reading through your posts and hope that I may just have
the answer,
as you already seem to know Exception: ACCESS_VIOLATION (C0000005)
seems to point to a registry problem, On reading your posts to other
forums you have also written that you would rather leave the registry
alone, ok, this is up to you. I would not recomend using the program
that was offered to you, which you rightly refused, as they are, in my
mind, only after money.
You have also said that you have reinstalled Incredimail, I think this
was the right move, only when you uninstall and reinstall this often
leaves traces on your computer that are not overwritten. In short the
problem stays.
My answer;
1. Back up Incredimail, File - Data and Transfer Settings Wizard -
Export Data and Settings. Follow the guide to save your settings,
e-mails, premium key, etc. on another partition.
As you may or may not know this will make an Incredimail folder with a data to use on reinstallation. (ie D:\Incredimail Transferred Data)
2. Uninstall Incredimail.
3. Restart
4. Now the part you are not so kean on, use a registry cleaner to
remove anything left in the registry. I use Tune up utilities but there
are other programs available I believe that CCleaner is recomended here
in this forum.
5. Restart
6.Download Incredimail new and install. Your Firewall will probably ask
questions during the install
these need to be allowed ie. Incredimail.exe or imapp.exe is trying to
connect to the internet.
7. On completion of the new install, Incredimail it will try to
connect to the internet to down load new mail, STOP this process using
the stop button.
8. Reinstall your backup, File - Data and Transfer Settings Wizard -
Import Data and Settings. Point the guide to the folder that was
previously made, (ie D:\Incredimail Transferred Data)
This will then setup incredimail as it was before we started.
Point to note: Any mails in Incredimail before reinstalling the backup
will be lost!! Hence stopping any downloads after the install

I hope this helps