Re: Is there a log file with BSOD information, and what does that info mean?

Anthony;101178 Wrote:
I have a HP dv9420us notebook running Vista home premium 64.
I also have the HP Express card Analog TV Tuner
I have had a problem with BSOD and sleep mode.
HP says its my video driver, I dont know how they know that unless its
happening with other PCs of the same model.
I would like to leave it on in power saver plan so it can resume and
my favorite shows then sleep again.
When I do it BSOD when it resumes and recording starts, usually when
When I am here I don't have time to write down the error info before
system reboots.

What Id like to know is this.
Is the BSOD info recorded in a log file somewhere with codes or info
the crash?
If so is there somewhere I can go to find out what those codes mean?

Pls see 'Troubleshooting Vista Stop Errors '
( help.

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