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Depends on which update system you are referring to. HP's own update program generally works pretty well, but it's not a part of Windows Update and Microsoft will not be able to assist you with it. If it's Windows/Microsoft Update you are referring to, then free support can be found here: If it's HP's own internal update engine, then call HP and let them know you are returning their system for a full refund, then do so. Contact your credit card company, if you used one, and have the payment withheld. HP is solely responsible for support of their systems per their OEM agreements. If they don't want to do it, then you don't want their machine.

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I have a new computer, a HP Pavilion a6567c. Every time I try to do a Vista update I get the following error code: 80070005, and I cannot install this update: HP Bus Controllers and Ports, Display software update released in May, 2007. HP says it's no concern of theirs and MS sends me on a chase that leads to me finding this is a common error code but no common fix. Every thing I try doesn't work. Is there any help anywhere that has all the fixes in one spot? I bought this computer at Costco and their help was to reload the program! Failing a way to solve this error code is there a way to update the HP Bus Controllers and Ports, Displays using some other means. Thanks for any help.