Re: Error 0x800700B7....WHY?

Spink wrote:
I keep getting this error every time I try back up to my NAS drive
(Buffalo giga bit linkstation) Error 0x800700B7, Can not create file as
file already exists, but it only exists after it was created when trying
to back up and not before. I know this has come up before but all the
advice that was given I could not quite follow
getting quite frustrating not being able to back up my data, I am
running Vista ultimate, I have just updated the firmware on the Nas but
that has made no difference, please please help.

any advice would be great, I hate to say this but as simple as
possible, I am not that computer literate :-(

Thank you again for any help you can give


Are you able to create a restore point manually? I can't make backups because there is something screwy going on (and a heap of others are reporting this as well) that will not allow me to make a shadow copy (restore point) and that is needed before the backup starts