Re: out of memory error

Start using a pagefile again. Some programs demand that a pagefile be present to function correctly.


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"Andy Fish" <ajfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23fwjeP$FJHA.1460@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have a laptop with 2gb RAM running vista and I currently have the page file disabled (that's another story). I have just had a message saying windows is running low on memory and I need to close some applications (even though i'm hardly running anything)

when I look at task manager, I can see about 300mb used by running applications, but 1200mb is used for the cache

so, vista has run out of physical memory because it's decided to use all the memory for caching, leaving none for applications. and that means I need to close down my applications???

please, please, someone tell me vista is not that dumb. is there a sensible explanation for this?



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