Re: computer BSOD's on me CONSTANTLY

Excellent! Error messages!

So, let's look at the commonality:

0x7F: Hardware issue
You're overclocking incorrectly.
This error message can occur if either of the following conditions exists: .
Your computer has hardware or software problems (hardware failure is the
most common cause).
. You try to over clock the speed of your computer's processor (for
example, you set a 2500 MhZ processor to run at 2870 MhZ).

0x0A: Driver issue related to RAM
I don't think you're trying to install Vista, so the following probably
You experience this problem if the following conditions are true: . The
computer has an NVIDIA chipset.
. The computer has four gigabytes (GB) or more of RAM.

0x00: This is a bug check code.
This typically implies a driver did something stupid, so it was stopped.

0x04: This is a bug check code.
This typically implies a driver did something stupid, so it was stopped.

0x8xxxxxxx: Data_Bus_Error
Problem accessing memory

0xFFD0F4F0: Never seen this one.

Driver issue accessing memory.
Probably due to the 10% overclocking function which can cause peripheral
hardware: memory, controllers, integrated sound, etc. to suddenly
malfunction producing random BSODs. The real pointer to the overclock
problem is that they are inconsistent errors. Since most of these are memory
related, you probably resulted in a CPU speed increase without lowering your
FSB multiplier and exceeded the ability of your memory. But, this is all a
guess since your specs still haven't made it to the public. :-)

Have you still had problems since you restored nomal clocking?

"tednelson83" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

ok, my full system specs are now listed in the "my system specs" thing
at the bottom of my posts.

the error codes listed are 0x07f, 0x0a, 0x00, 0x04, 0xffd0f4f0, and
0x822a0360 (excess "0"'s truncated but all error codes are 8 digits
after the "x")

i know not of this "memory hole remapping" you speak of, so i would
have to say no.

cpu core temp currently at 43.1*C according to the screen on the front
of my case. the sensor is placed in the middle of the heatsink fins.

that work for you mr. mark h?