Re: computer BSOD's on me CONSTANTLY

Thank you for clarifying the issue,

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I doubt SP1 has a real fix for the 4GB issue cause that is a physicsal x86 memory registers limitation - very roughly, 32-bit CPU can use/address max 3.2GB RAM. Nothing can be done here except move to a 64-bit CPU.

What SP1 does is to show (pending mobo BIOS) system RAM instead of Vista available RAM (4GB vs 3.2GB) but the x86 CPU cannot use more than 3.2 GB - of which, anyways, some is reserved for hardware: graphics, sound.

At this moment, I would test the RAM - either Memtest86 or Vista's own memtest.exe.


A full 4GB of address space can be addressed by a 32 bit CPU. Some of
this address space is reserved for hardware and video card addressing, so
those addresses are not available to RAM. The available RAM varies
from approx 3.0 GB to 3.5 GB depending mainly on the amount of video
card memory.

The 4 GB issue mentioned by the OP is not related to this. It is in reference
to pre SP1 stability issues, (Stop errors), in both 32 and 64 bit Vista when
4 GB of RAM is installed. This issue was limited to specific chipsets.