Error Codes on Updates


I have been trying to install three important updates to my Vista
system and they are failing with error codes 8E5E0147 and 8E5E03FB. To
get help with this error Windows suggest going on line. This I have done
and then everything stops. Microsoft doesn't seem to recognise these
codes and I can't find anything that mentions what they mean, except
adverts for me to pay companies to "correct my system". I have been
corresponding by e-mail "very slowly" with someone at Microsoft for the
last 3 weeks, trying different suggestions of theirs and getting no
where. I am now very frustrated that the security of my system may be at
risk and Microsoft seem to be offering no help. From what I have been
able to find on the web I am not the only one who seems to get nowhere
with Microsoft and their error codes! Anyone else experience these error
codes on windows updates, and have they managed to rectify them?

Susan Sylvester