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I'm trying to copy the files in my user account to a new user account
(I need to change name on my user folder) but it is so slow... Now I
have a rate of 3MB/s, the limit of the disk should be 3GB/s. I have set
the disk to optimized performance... why is it so slow? The RAM is only
used to about 50% and the CPU is only at 5% so there are a lot resurces
to use... please why was windows 3.11 faster than this..

No hard disk is that fast. Real life write performance is between 40MB/s and 110MB/s. Without knowing what type of hard disk you have it would be hard to say where you should lie.

But then, that would be burst performance while transferring a single large file. Lots of small files will slow things down considerably. And if you're reading and writing from the same disk, that'll cut speed again, by over half isn't unreasonable.

CPU performance won't effect it, the bottlenecks will be the speed of the hard disk, the PCI bus and the controller.

Paul Smith,
Yeovil, UK.
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

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