Re: Run Program on Critical Battery Level

I had considered this, and in fact that's how I have it set up now...

However, the same event is logged whether I manually put the PC to sleep or it goes to sleep due to a power event, so far as I can tell...

There's got to be a registry entry for it somewhere, I just have not been able to locate it. I find it unlikely that Microsoft would remove functionality. I find it more likely that they would hide potentially dangerous functionality so as to protect those who do not understand the implications of just "running a program" on a power event...

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Haven't tried it myself yet, but I should think you'd be able to do this with Task Scheduler by setting an event trigger.

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I found a post asking a similar question to this, but the answer does not really help me, so I'll ask again.

I'm looking to find out how to run a program (or script/batch file preferably) that will autorun when the battery reaches critical level.

The reason I ask is that I have my PC and a Western Digital MyBook World Edition network drive connected to my UPS. For those who don't know, it runs a version of linux, and I have hacked into the box and added a pointer that looks for a connection on a specific port and when it gets one, shuts down the box properly.

Since I have my PC hibernate when my UPS is almost dead, I'd like to run a script that launches telnet to a specific host on a specific port. When that completes, Hibernate.

This was easy in XP, as there was a "Run Program" option in the power options. I can't seem to find it in Vista.

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