Re: Icons

I installed it successfully and like it! No need to return to IE7 I hope. And the icons corrected themselves for all but one.

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On Sat, 6 Sep 2008 20:37:39 -0400, "Ryka" <Ryka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think I'll give it a try - it is Beta 2. I can always return to IE&,
right?! Thanks.

It will install as a Windows Update... you won't find it in Programs
and Features. Like any other update, it can be uninstalled.

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On Sat, 6 Sep 2008 20:13:00 -0400, "Ryka" <Ryka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thank you - guess I'll have to wait for IE8 to get more stability and just
ignore the scrambled icons until then. Any idea when IE8 will be released?

It's pretty darned good in the BETA version!! There is an IE7
Compatibility mode for those web pages that don't comply to its
standards - and its standards are not proprietary, they are
industry-wide standards and the browser is very picky.

There has been NO official statement about release date.

I would guess it will be after the end of the year.

"Paul Montgomery" <i.m.nonnymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Sat, 6 Sep 2008 19:55:20 -0400, "Ryka" <Ryka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The icons on my Favorites List are scrambled - some are correct but many
have been switched. Is there a way to correct them? FavOrg used to do it
with XP but I can't find something like this for Vista. Thanks.

That gets a LOT better with IE8 - which is currently in BETA release.

In IE7, I had to save the icons I wanted to use in their own folder,
and when I set an icon for a Favorite item, I would make that item
READ ONLY so it wouldn't change.