Re: Download Speed going down :(

....or you may have just been targetted for actually trying to use what you pay for.

I believe they call it 'traffic shaping', or some such marketing propaganda.

Try a different file share program to test this. I went through three and each time, got good results for a while just after a change, until they caught on.

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Hey man, do you know that downloading torrents can be very unstable..

There are Seeders
There are Leechers

Seeders upload the download, they send the content to your computer.
Their Upload speed, can be like (40 Kbs), so you will only download at
a maximum of 40 Kbs.. Its not because it is in internet that it goes the
fast your internet has.
In a torrent, it is possible to have more than 1000 Seeders, but it
doesn`t mean that all that speed will come to you, the others Leechers (
People who download ) can get the speed too. So if there are 1000
Seeders that have a upload speed of 1 KB, and there are 10 Leechers, it
will come 100 to each leecher.

That happens to files in internet too.. But normally, when you download
from Rapidshare ( Example ) their upload speed is really big, so they
can host for everyone.
This tutorial might be useful to help you improve your speed.