RE: Where did my e-mail icon go?

"Sandee" wrote:

OK, this is probably a very dumb question with a very easy answer but I'm
baffled. I'm running Windows Vista and I've only had the computer about a
month. I had my e-mail icon on the task bar so all I had to do was click it
and it brought up my e-mail. I guess this is the same as the Quick Launch
menu. Now I've lost my icon and there are two little arrows. If I click on
the arrows a little window pops up with Windows Mail as being an option. I
then have to click on it to bring up my e-mail. I like the other way better.
Why is my computer changing my options? Could it have anything to do with
the automatic Windows updates that get installed?
And while I'm at it, why when I come to this forum, do I have to put my
password in everytime even though "remember my e-mail address & password" are
clearly selected?
Once we get these little bugs worked out, maybe I can concentrate on why it
takes so long to start up my computer each day. I hardly have anything
installed except what came with the computer.
Thanks for your help. You guys are the best.