RE: Download Speed going down :(

1. If using a Router, get the latest Vista Firmware updates for it.
2. Latest Drivers for your Network Adaptor.
3. Right-click your Network Conection>Properties> try unbinding TCP/IPv6 to
see if that helps.
Mick Murphy - Qld (Sunshine State) - Australia

"Hardwire" wrote:

Hello all, I first I don't know if this is the thread I put this in, but
I apologize if it isn't. Well I built a computer about a month ago and
I just really noticed my download speed hasn't been the same since I
made the move from XP to Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I have DSL and
usally my download speeds were 160kb/s. Now on Vista the speed has
dramatilcy gone down to around 40kb/s. I did a test on my XP laptop and
that works fine, I was wondering what I could do to make vista run
faster for downloading off the internet and torrents. Thanks for your



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