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Not sure why you believe this to be an x64 or Vista issue. Sounds like an
Office issue.

I agree some individuals may have incompatibility issues. There are simply
too many different standards out there. But, those same individuals might be
surprised to know the same issues occur with the x86 version at nearly the
same frequency.

I simply stated I have had no compatibility issues even though I've changed
hard drives, memory, CPU and installed various software items over the last
year and one-half. This will not be the case for everyone. But, it is not
the issue it used to be with XPx64.

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> I, and probably many others, would have to say Vista x64 has come a > long
> way
> on the compatibility issue. I have yet to run into a problem with x64
> compatibility since Vista was released.
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>> > Hello
>> > I hope you can help me with an issue :
>> > My PC is Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 2.66GHz windows Vista Ultimate
>> > bits 8,00GB ram. My brother wants my 2 2GB memory dim because he
> 32
>> > bits systems don't recognize RAM over 4GB.
>> > The system says 8GB, and the motherboard Asus
>> > P5E CHIPSET X38 supports 8GB. Is he right and I have 4 more GB Ram
>> > nothing, or is the ram ayhow helpfull and I showld keep it as it is >> > ?
>> >
>> > Thankx
>> >
>> > Maria Dulce
>> >
>> Unfortunately 4 gigs is the maximum that a 32-bit OS can use. In >> fact,
>> because some of the address spaces are reserved for hardware (such as
>> ram on the video card) the OS actually only has 3.X gigs available to
>> Try reducing the ram to four gigs and observe your PC's performance -
>> should not see any difference. 64-bit OS's exist, but there are still
>> compatibility issues. They are the future though, so you're brother
>> have to return the ram in a year or two <g>.

Try archiving mail from Outlook into OneNote..

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Of course it is an x64 issue.. there is no driver for the function available for x64, but it works well enough in 32bit versions..

Hardware compatibility is being taken way more seriously than it was for XP64, at least as far as what is in the case, but there are still issues for some peripheral devices, and software.

Mike Hall - MVP
How to construct a good post..
How to use the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups..
Mike's Window - My Blog..