Re: Restore point size

vssadmin list shadows

The above command will show the actual points that are currently available. In the UI dialog advacned settings, you may need to enable the line to show older restore points.

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"davdun75" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:f12cdbd4bc265954ca78bf31c3083327@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From command line vssadmin list shadowstorage, my restore point (shadow
copy storage) space is 19.531GB, allocated space is 14.902GB, used space
is 14.077GB. However, I can only see TWO System Checkpoint restore
points in System Restore. Is this normal? Does the info for two restore
points really take that much space? I can't restore to anything earlier
than a couple of days ago, to the first of the two System Checkpoints...
c:\ 197GB total, 105GB free (primary partition in SATA 320GB HD)