I, and probably many others, would have to say Vista x64 has come a long way
on the compatibility issue. I have yet to run into a problem with x64
compatibility since Vista was released.

"Victek" <Victek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I hope you can help me with an issue :
My PC is Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 2.66GHz windows Vista Ultimate 32
bits 8,00GB ram. My brother wants my 2 2GB memory dim because he says
bits systems don't recognize RAM over 4GB.
The system says 8GB, and the motherboard Asus
P5E CHIPSET X38 supports 8GB. Is he right and I have 4 more GB Ram for
nothing, or is the ram ayhow helpfull and I showld keep it as it is ?


Maria Dulce

Unfortunately 4 gigs is the maximum that a 32-bit OS can use. In fact,
because some of the address spaces are reserved for hardware (such as the
ram on the video card) the OS actually only has 3.X gigs available to it.
Try reducing the ram to four gigs and observe your PC's performance - you
should not see any difference. 64-bit OS's exist, but there are still
compatibility issues. They are the future though, so you're brother may
have to return the ram in a year or two <g>.