Page loading problems

We have evacuated so I'm not in my own area with my own provider. I am on a
military base in Bossier City. LA on Barksdale AFB in their family
campground, which does have Wi-Fi, or as they have on their paper work YiFi.
Their provider I'm using for my connection is QOLNET. I've been having major
problems connecting and sometimes are unable to connect at all. It has taken
me over 2 hours to get to this page. I've had to go to Microsoft's main page
then click on support and wait, wait, wait to the point of giving up and
trying again. I finally shut-down and rebooted to be able to get this far.

I'm using Windows Vista but don't know what other information you may need
to have some idea of what the problem could be. Most of the pages I try to go
to such as weather. com, my banking page, New Orleans local news TV stations
pages result in the inability to load.

My laptop is a Toshiba which was purchased just a year ago, August '07. If
anyone can help me I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance.

my_realtor (Linda)