Re: 32 Bits or 64

SIW2 wrote:

I'm using x64 with no problems - it's the future so you may as well go
for it now. Have heard some people have compatibility probs. but that
seems to be with old games they want to keep from a few years back and
the developer doesn't think it's worth updating them.

If you decide to go for the old 32bit system, microsoft do allow a free
"upgrade" to 64 bit - they just charge $10 for postage,etc.

Whichever version you go for, *DO NOT BUY A MACHINE UNLESS YOU* *GET
THE FULL INSTALLATION DISC WITH IT* - not some manufacturers "recovery
disc" or "recovery partition".


I agree with the last part completely, full disk not some half assed thing that an OEM has messed about with.

For the first part, the compatibility issues are not a complaint but a simple warning, if you have compatible hardware drivers then fine. If not then you may have to buy some new hardware. Some things like games definitely won't work properly or at all. That's life :)