Re: "Injecting" RAID into a functioning Vista build

Good afternoon, Mike.

Thank you for the reply. I guess I should have specified that my OS would
go on the RAID0 as well. The information you provided unfortunately
addresses new OS installations only. That defeats the purpose of not wanting
to reinstall the OS and all associated programs.


"Mike Hall - MVP" wrote:

"Jeff C" <JeffC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello, all.

I have a current Vista Home Premium (32-bit) build. I have 4 WD 160GB
drives, non-RAID. I also have an external backup solution. My
supports software RAID through an Intel controller. Here's what I would
to do:

Go from a non-RAID setup to a RAID 0 configuration, without having to
reinstall Vista (along with everything else currently installed).

I have taken a full system backup, changed the drives into a RAID0 config,
then restored the OS et. al from backup. Yet when I try booting, the
crashes. In my understanding, this is because the RAID drivers are not
installed in my backed up configuration. (At least, this is what would
sense to me.)

So, the question is, how can I "inject" the RAID drivers into my current
build of Vista, take a backup of that build, switch the drives to RAID0,
restore the backup, and have my system come up cleanly?

Thank you in advance!


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