Re: C drive running out of space

Hello All,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have tried implementing different
suggestions from everyone in this email thread but with little success. Steps
which free up resources like the files used for revoking the Windows Vista
SP1 did free up space but the same used to get filled in a couple of days or
a week. To be frank i was not interested in using a third party tool either
(i have seen people facing wierd problems after using 3rd party tools).

Finally, i deleted all the partitions reformmatted the drive and now there
is only one partition which is C. What is really strange is, i dont see any
of the problems i had because of which "windows installer used to start when
explorer is opened" and many such annoyances. I am really happy for having
formatted the drives and followed the suggestions of Ken Blake, MVP where in
i installed all the programs on the drive where windows folder exists (C).

With this exercise, i understand that the manufacturer's (of the notebook, i
use a notebook) drivers cause a lot of problems which we presume to be
because of the OS or applications like office etc.

I thank everyone in this chain a lot for their contributions.

Thanks & Regards,